Wednesday, August 18, 2010

I’m Female Hear HydRAWR

I was listening to Kat and Esh’s interview on Episode 97 of Twisted Nether Blogcast. (Yea you can hear Hydra crash and burn on Episode 98. I am told it will get better. Im a warlock I can take the pain.) The two of them noted that they were going to have an episode on their podcast Gaming Worlds Collide about gender issues in gaming.

While trying to catch up with my current blogroll I noticed Larisa of The Pink Pigtail Inn wrote about this topic. She links to some other blogger and their view.

Some of the posts I see on this topic get all deep and “I can change the world” preachy. I couldn’t link you examples because those would be posts I would pass up.

I confess…

I, Hydra, use being female in Warcraft.

Shocking I know. But I see it this way, only the person themselves can effect how they feel. If a male player has an emotional response to something I say… that is their problem, not mine. I do make a point to tell the truth.

Some examples that I have used in raid…

“I am a girl and I can keep my skirts out of the goo, why are you face planted into it?”

“I am 8 months pregnant and I can dance the beams, why are the warriors eating dirt?”

“I am a pregnant female and I can move for Necrotic Plague, why are you sniffing ghoul feet?”

… I think you get the point.

I don’t think I am a better player then anyone because I am female. I do on occasion believe I am a better player then some because I have the results to show for the work. Nothing pisses me off more then dieing from something I could have prevented.

Hey! Maybe I work smarter and not harder because I am female. *grin*

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  1. I can see your point! I also see no reason to hide gender in game. Most people don't really care whether you're a guy or a girl or anything in between.

    But I must say, you almost sound like you think women should be worse players... The whole "If a girl can do it then a guy should have no problems!" idea seems a bit negative! Give us girls more credit! :) (I know that you don't mean it that way, just sayin' that's how it came off)