Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Who owns your Guild Site?

He builds a guild with others. Put the guild website together. Stuff happens. Then he decides to leave guild. Does he have rights to the guild website?

True. He did the site, with help. He bought and owns the domain. He maintained the server.

There was a falling out.

He is no longer part of that guild.

He left and then held onto it all.

To me is seems a bit petty, immature, spiteful and … honestly weird.

I picture this guy, standing next to his computer desk with a back screen. He is all proud of himself and smug. He stands there for a moment, as no one else cares. Then in the quiet, he stomps his foot and sticks out his lower lip in a full blown pout.

That is not entirely true. People do care. They care enough to move on. They hack the site to link to a new site. They image the database to ensure the information is not lost. Unfortunately the one thing they couldn’t fix was the change to the application form listing.

Over time as people typed in “War Machine on Farstriders”, they were brought to an incorrect site. They applied on a guild site that the guild had no control over and if they didn’t talk to a guild member they would never know. (A certain blogger, with her own tiny web presence, could have fixed said search organically. But nooOOOooo they didn’t think to even say anything to use her minions (*points at you* BTW) to fix future google searches.)

This issue with a bunch of other things decided the guild officers to move the guild to a new name. It has taken a long time to come to this point. The change recharged the current officers.

Tempest on Farstriders is now raiding.

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