Friday, August 9, 2013

The Spawn and I on Jimmy Fallon Clip

TNB Represent! 

You have had to be someone who ignores all Warcraft news to have missed the "We are the World of Warcraft" on Jimmy Fallon. If you missed it here is a link to the Blizzard announcement. LINK

I actually FORGOT to put it in my update. The Spawn and I did a video and we are actually in the final expansion out of videos into the world. You can see me in the Blizzard screenshot to the right where it says "Night" (The Spawn is covered.)

If I was going to take so long to post about being on Jimmy Fallon I should provide a bonus for you. Below is a video of The Spawn getting ready to record.
If you actually see us in the video, The Spawn is concentrating on the music in her headset. I had it plugged into my phone and was playing the entire Jimmy Fallon song you hear in the video. They provided it to me and so I used it to get her attention.

I wore my TNB Blizzcon shirt and I put The Spawn in the Evil Baby shirt I had picked up at a convention. You cannot see either in the final. Oh well.

After 8 minutes of whining and crying after doing the videos, it dawned on Husband and I that she was not asking for "Kitty" youtube videos but wanted to play World of Warcraft which to her is called "Kitty Jump". Which makes me laugh that the millions of dollars spent to develop the game and that is the game boiled down too.

Me: There a rabbit NOM NOM NOM
Spawn: *giggle fits*
Me: There is another one! NOM NOM NOM
Spawn: Another Another!

If you want to hear me talk about it you can check out Twisted Nether Episode 204. LINK There is a discussion about "Kitty Jump" aka World of Warcraft.

It was fun and Thanks for the opportunity Zahrym, Blizzard and all the people at Jimmy Fallon.


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