Tuesday, November 29, 2011


Our Shadow Bolt got a new graphic. NO NOES!!! WHAT EVER ARE WE GOING TO DO!!!

/dramatically shakes fist at Blizzard. (Realizes no one thinks she is funny.)

This is a really good sign. This tells me that the balance is good with the 3 different specs. Beyond that the developers are able to spend more time on getting MoP out to us next year.

One raid came out and three new heroics are now available. It will be fun to see what the encounters designers are going to give us. This is the last major patch before an expansion. So take small bites of the new content.

With the new gear released they converted the points. If your Valor points + Justice Points was more then 4000 you may have lost some. BUT then make sure you go spend some points before doing any dungeons.

I don't feel like regurgitating the sparce patch notes for warlocks here today. I will give you some links if you are intching for more info. If it is really important for me to do that in to future you are going to have to let me know.

Fulguralis LINK
The Warlock's Den Patch 4.3 post LINK
Wowwiki Patch 4.3 notes LINK
Blizzard's Notes LINK

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  1. Yeah, all that other stuff is blocked for me, so I'm glad you linked me. :-)

    (At least, that's why I regurgitate them. I usually have to call in favors to get them emailed to me. In this case, a major disappointment for the cost of favors. But still, like you said, I'm not complaining too much since I'm pretty happy with our class).

    Yes, most of this comment is a parenthetical. Shard me.