Friday, November 18, 2011

More about Sleeping

The Spawn slept in a small bassinet next to me for the first 4.5 months. During that time I could reach over as soon as she fussed.
After that I moved her into her own room, right next to ours. I was more of a mess then she was.

Everything woke me up.

Things that never woke me up did.

The first few nights I had the baby monitor on. And I think when The Spawn would sneeze it would wake me.

I learned that first week to turn OFF the baby monitor. Never used it since. Mostly because we have a small place.

The Spawn was a sleep talker. She also would fuss sometimes and go back to sleep. I didn't need to hear either.

You can hear the difference in your child's cry. There is a definite difference to “I'm tired and up, but don't want to be” cry versus the “I don't want to be by myself” cry. The first I learned to ignore so she would go back to sleep, the second I would go get her.

Have you heard of night time diapers? These are specially made diapers with extra padding for longer sleep periods. Someone gave us a bag.

They are expensive!

Side note... Diapers are really expensive but I found Baby Cheapskate early on and has bee a money saver.

I started using one size up diapers and got the same results.

That also made me watch prices for the bigger diapers. I could snag them in bulk if a good deal happened.

The bigger diapers definitely helped for a longer nights sleep as she got older.


  1. Yeah, kid 1, up at slightest noise. kid 2, not so much. On the other hand, kid 2 was 30-days premie, so he was in our room longer than his older sister.

  2. Oh I am definitely telling my wife about that baby cheapskate site, I agree diapers are expensive, especially when the knightling decides to decimate unlady like

  3. I read that there are specific hormones released after birth that cause women to sleep more lightly than before. We started out cosleeping with our little one in a SnuggleNest in between the two of us, and as soon as he'd start fussing in his sleep, I was awake, dreading yet another nighttime feeding. We finally decided to let him sleep in his crib in the hallway, and that was a big improvement.

    What helped the most, however, was the Miracle Blanket ($30 on Amazon). It lets you easily swaddle your baby without the use of noisy velcro and is practically impossible for them to get out of. It's now my go-to gift for new parents, although it's best if you make them sweat it out the first few weeks so they truly appreciate it. ;-)

    As for diapers, check out the Amazon Mom program. I think if you sign up you can earn up to 12 months of Amazon Prime for free AND get up to 30% off diapers!