Monday, September 5, 2011

Dear Mrs. Ratshag

aka @medievalnurse your husband, @Ratshag, messaged me over a year ago ... At the time I was naked ... actually my feet were naked.

I was debating buying these leopard printed flats. Totally cute. I was going to wear them to a party. But it was not like I NEEDED the shoes. They were just TOTALLY CUTE.

I let him talk me out of buying them...


There was no reason that I let him other then timing. It is now a year latter and I am still THINKING of the shoes your husband helped convince me not to buy.

See these shoes...

My thought when I was in line to buy them...

“I better not talk to Ratters right now.”


  1. Haaaa! I think you shoulda bought the shoes! He talks me out of good stuff too! Like new Coach purses! He can be such a drag. All that practicality wrapped up in one person can't be good!

    Glad you got new shoes! And the baby is soooo adorable, I still think we should babysit!

    Mrs Ratshag

  2. My mother tells me there is always room for purses and shoes. I have a tendency to shop a lot but not buy anything.

    If we ever get out your way I promise we will visit!