Friday, August 26, 2011

I'm Beautiful

Typical conversation while meeting random people on the street.

[Random Person]: Ohhhh, How old is she?
[Hydra]: She is [insert appropriate age].
[RP]: She is so cute/beautiful.
[Hydra]: Thank you. Is she giving away free smiles?
[RP]: Yes she is! She looks just like you.
[Hydra] @ The Spawn: Wave bye-bye.
[Hydra] @ RP: Thank you. You have a great day.

This is an important interchange of information. Because did you notice something? The Warlock in me hears it EVERY time... Do you?

I was just called cute/beautiful by the RP.

You see it now? I will cut out all the unnecessary information for you.

RP: She is so cute/beautiful.
RP: She looks just like you.

When I was at my most exhausted this thought made me smile.


  1. Usually when they say a kid looks like me, it's because the poor thing is crosseyed and drooling.

  2. @Danslate - I'm not allowed to comment on that. Ancient Dwarven code, ya know.