Monday, January 10, 2011

Shammie's Cheat

I pulled out my always there PvP soapbox the other day on Twisted Nether Podcast. Individuals have to put as much effort into PvP to be good at it as those who PvE… maybe even more.

And sometimes … I am smacked in the forehead on why this is true.

(Yes, Faid I was not in game at the time I am spying on you from the Rogue’s computer.)

1 comment:

  1. That was hilarious! I started laughing so hard at seeing that again. XD

    It is true though; while both PvE and PvP require players to know a lot about their classes, PvP requires some creative thinking. I personally think knockback effects are a bit too OP, with being able to knock people off ledges (and sometimes the world... -cough- Eye of the Storm -cough-). But damn if it isn't fun when I sent 2 people flying off Arathi Basin's lumbermill, or 3 flying down the nether in the Eye of the Storm. xD

    I was glad to know that Faid landed in safe water though, seeing as we were by the Throne of the Four winds entrance. He'd have been squishy goo way down there otherwise.