Thursday, March 18, 2010

The Liberation of Gnomeregan

Finally we WILL take it back. Our home. Our place.

Thinking back to those dark days of what is now called the Third War is difficult. It was a time for me when I was still training in the arts of the warlock. It had only been a year since the Warlock visited the mage trainer to find me fumbling with the arcane.

Yes. Yes. It must come to a shock to you. Father and Mother first sent me to mage training. Father is a merchant and Mother is one of the finest tailors in all of Azeroth. What would they know about the finer points of magic? They put me on my destined path, which I thank them for to this day.

When the troubles started Father and Mother with my little sister were on a buying expedition. Initially they gathered fine linens and silks for Mother’s work, then quickly to food, clothes, and supplying those that survived.

With everything moving so quickly we lost contact.

We. I still think of us as “we” after all this time.

I should have stayed at his side. I should not have listened to him. I should have gone in his stead. I should have been taken by the Troggs instead of him. I should have … died in his place.

I struggle with the memory of Baryll, my brave brother.

With my minor magic Baryll had me help with the engineering of weapons. I helped keep the furnaces going. I moved resources. I carried messages.

Baryll helped build machines and weapons to protect the gnomes attacking the Troggs. He was smart and innovative and in a few years may have been able to work with the High Tinker himself.

As the builder of this new armor I should have known he would be the first to try them out in the field.

I did everything I could do.

… At least I keep telling myself that.

Many years have gone past.

I have finished my training. I have learned the finer points of warlockery. I have been known to shepherd new locks into the shadows. I still refine the arts of killing as he did. But today I need nothing but the power I hold.

My brother is at rest. But my memory of him will not be until I can complete the task he set forth for himself.

Gnomeregan will be free.

Now is the time.


  1. Love it. Mind if I add a little bit of my own.

    'I feel like I've lived many lives, always felt disconnected from evrything. I had no home, and no family, so I drifted from calling to calling and back again. Until the day the necromancer killed me - well I broke free of him, and now i'll help my people break their home free once more. Then, I'll rest for good - Pinq'

    that just came to my head while reading :) Pinq is my default pink pigtailed gnome for those times when you just need a gnome to cheer you up - and she has been every profession open to gnomes - her latest incarnation being a Death Knight.

    After we take it back, I'll race change to something else and let Pinq rest for good, she'll have earned it.

    God i'm looking forward to this event.

  2. *charges all gnomishly*

    For Gnomeregan!

  3. I can't believe that someone can dedicated soo many time to write a post about WOW, I mean I saw site dedicated to show tecnical aspects of the game, help sites, and stuffs like those, but never something like this, you have to love this game, really really love then.