Friday, March 19, 2010

In Game Stuffs

Lately I have been one of those raiders that log into game on raid night and then logging out.

ICC has been giving me a headache.


That is not quite correct.

Mini Rant

I have a mental issue with a raider or two.

My intolerance for people who state things that have already been said as a new discovery for them that they have not been doing the entire time … is extremely low. Their new discovery contributed to us wiping for 7 pulls. Amazingly it was addressed by someone prior to the first pull. Listening is a skill.

I know it is not that bad. Something in their tone of voice and inflection of what they say is like nails on a chalkboard to me.

I think the thing that triggered me in dislike and completely ignoring one of them was hypocrisy.

I make mistakes. You make mistakes. We make mistakes ‘cause we are human. I make efforts to say when I don’t know something and will own up to my mistakes when I recognize them.

Sometime people think when I ask a lot of questions it is cause I don’t agree with them. Not the case most of the time. For me to know how to not to repeat the mistake I need to sometimes ask a couple of dozen questions.

One guy comes off as he knows everything and then doesn’t own up to when he F-ks up. Nothing looses any respect I have for a person than that.

And…Don’t get me started about loot whoring.

*goes get a drink*

Raid 25 man

We have been messing with Sindragosa in 25s. We have a great first night with her this week. In the time of our 5 good pulls we are consistently getting to the last phase. The raid has the positioning of the flight phase down.

This is a fantastic thing to see.

In the last phase, people are getting over whelmed with balancing their debuffs and when to scrub them.

We will have it down soon. Then it will be off to kill the Lich King.

Raid 10 man

I have shuffled my feet enough I have gotten out of ALL OF THEM.

It is good for me to be a filler. I help in a couple of 10 mans if they need a person to fill in. Really I just cannot commit to running ICC forever. I know my limits. As it is I am not known for being “nice”. I don’t need to expose people to that all the time. It is good for my health and … theirs.


Actually I am in a dedicated 10 man. Ulduar!!

For two hours on Saturdays we knock out 1-3 of the hard modes in Ulduar. Sometimes it takes an hour just to get the group filled. But we still get something done.

I still need Firefighter and I Love the Smell of Saronite in the Morning for my Rusted Proto-Drake.

With another group I completed the One Light in the Darkness for Yogg. I got really good at strafing in a backward circle for that fight.

I really hope we get it done before the achievement disappears. At least we are trying for it, which has been a load of fun.


I have pretty much stopped doing the daily Heroics. I still don’t have my perky pug pet. I should really check to see how much farther I have to go with it. I’m sure it is not far.

Maybe I will get that knocked out. I just might finally get the Blue Drake.


  1. o.O

    I hope the person she hates isn't me...

    /shambles off to check if he's a hypocrit...

  2. Well.. I don't talk in vent much when raiding (DPS shouldn't be talking much anyways), so I'm pretty sure it's not me! Hooray!


  3. Hydra to play on Moly more often imo.

  4. I wish more people thought like you.

    Asking questions when in doubt is awesome. It prevents repeating the same mistakes. It's a learning process for all of us.

    Recognizing one's own mistakes is hard. Listening is hard. And sometimes we say something that is not intended to come bad, but it ends up sounding much worse than originally intended. More often than I'd like a comment of mine sounds bad, when I mean in a helpful way. =/ Or maybe it was a moment thing, which doesn't necessarily means the way one feels the entire night.

    I think we all needed to just get together and do something silly. Just to laugh together. Builds up more of a group conscience, instead of having mere skilled individuals that work together. You know what I mean? :P

  5. Hey Hydra,

    Looking at your Achievements page, I see you're only 25 away from getting the Perky Pug. If you consider that you can pug 4 people each time, you should have this guy by Saturday if you run it once each night (just to get your frost badges).

  6. Thanks all.

    *makes gagging noises* Every time I think of queuing for a random I think of something else to do ... like... vacuuming, doing dishes, or going through old paper work. Maybe I will suck it up and do it. The puppy Pug is so cute!!

  7. "I make efforts to say when I don’t know something and will own up to my mistakes when I recognize them."

    That distinguishes a good raider (and wise person) more than anything else.