Saturday, March 28, 2009

New 80 Hunter in the House

Mom, Congrats on 80!
Now that your hunter is level 80 you don’t know what to do.

First, a question… did you name your gorilla yet? *squints* Do it now! I don’t care. If he/she is not named yet it is a travesty that you only have the power to rectify.

With that task done…
Sitting around waiting for the next expansion is not a choice. There is just too much fun yet to do!

Level up your Death Knights professions. This way you can lose mining on your Hunter and learn the Leatherworking you wanted too.

Go play! Win. Lose. Kill. Be killed. Get a few Stone Keeper Shards from the daily pvp quests. You can also get them in instances when Alliance has Wintergrasp (the fortress is blue). Save up a lot of them you can get a mount. If you stay till the end you get at least one Wintergrasp Mark of Honor. Those Marks of Honor can be turned into some nice gear.

I put in a cry for help to a more knowledgeable hunter blogger then myself. She maybe interested in putting it together. So that my warlock self doesn’t overlook anything important for hunters. If she doesn’t have the time, the two of us will muddle through. There is a lot of craftable stuff that would be fun to get. There are lists for hunters, but none for a non-instancing hunter. So I may have to do that … if I can find time.

Meanwhile there are some titles I think you would love. They fit well into what you tell me you enjoy doing.

World Explorer:
You get into all the nooks and crannies of all the lands. I bet you have a lot of areas where you still have that one little out of away spot to see. If you have problems finding places check Search the achievement comments. Many nice people have listed the exact coordinates of places you have yet to fill on your map. When you finish you get the title “The Explorer”.

The Loremaster:
I know how you like to quest. I recommend this mega achievement. You have to complete the four Loremaster achievements for each of the lands, Eastern Kingdoms, Kalimdor, Outland, and Northrend. Remember you can see low level quests by the drop down on your mini map button. Once you do this you get the title “The Loremaster” plus a tabard.

Check your reputations for the five Alliance factions. You maybe close to having completed this one. Become exalted with Stormwind, Darnassus, Exodar, Ironforge, and the Gnomeregan Exiles. Once you do that you get the title “Ambassador”.

The Diplomat:
If you are looking for some grinding (aka killing random mobs for reputation) you can work on this title. You have to get exalted (like to get your penguin) with Timbermaw Hold in Winterspring, Sporeggar in Zangermash, and the Kurenai in Nagrand. All three factions have great guides on Once you get to exalted with all three you get the title “The Diplomat”.

There are a lot of other titles you maybe interested in, Salty, The Exalted, The Seeker, etc. There also looks to be some for when 3.1 comes out so you can actually start now if one catches your eye.

You and I also have a date next Saturday. You provide lunch and I will help you with your UI. It’s a fair trade.

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