Wednesday, March 20, 2019

Yep, Still Raiding.

Dear World of Warcraft Players:

I’m still raiding twice a week. How about you?

I had to find a new team when Warlords ended. Luckily a past raider who knew some other raiders were doing M+ and talked about how the Rogue and I were looking for a new home. /deep breath. 


 It is not always about the parses. We needed a fit. Sleepless on Farstriders was only the third raiding guild I had been in. When we were done there and even with the server merges we knew we needed to move.

We felt lucky. We could test this new guild out and see if it was a good fit. We realID raided with them. But here was the catch. They didn’t want us to move servers for them yet. And they were planning on making a change. For Battle for Azeroth they were going Horde.

HORDE peoples!


 Do they NOT know GO GNOME OR GO HOME.

…took us two weeks to decide.

For raiding. For raiders we liked. We would move. Sever. Name. Unloading stuff on the Auction House. Piling it on Hydra. Buying tokens for money to do the transfer. Couple of good bye notes.

If I was going HORDE for a new expansion I was NOT paying for it. I unloaded gold and bought the expansion and the faction change. I started in a new raiding group and server with only Hydrargyrum.

I started thinking about this use of in-game to buy other stuff on the blizzard store. Right now they have a sale on these services, 30% off until March 31, 2019. I think I will unload some more gold and buy some more transfer service.

We are a Heroic raiding guild looking for Plate DPS and Mages on Area 52. "No Offence" raids 2 times a week, Wednesday and Thursday 8:30 pm to 11:30 pm PST. I ate all the other Mages and found the plate wearers just the right level of crunchy for my demons. Lots of iron. If you join, I think I can hold out … well until I get hungry, but I have cookies, it should be a while. 

So that raiding thing. I am still doing it. How about you?

Hydra of Sen’jin
(Formerly known as Hydra of Gnomeregan.)