Thursday, March 3, 2011

Yes I'm Here

Don't you hear me talking to you? I talk to you all the time... just I don't think anyone can hear me since I don't ever get a chance to write it down.

So much has happened since we last talked. BRAINDUMP ON.
I hit 85.
A few more zones were completed.
I got to run my first Heroic.
My second Heroic was Deadmines. So much fun.
Blizzcon was anounced. Planning has started. (Send me ideas!)
Katy Perry's Fireworks song keeps making me cry.
Raiding for me has not started.
Husband is raiding 3 nights. I'm a little bitter. 
The Spawn is well. We make funny faces at each other.
Three weeks ago we started making "Buh" sounds. Those are fun.
We are working on raspberries now.  
The dragon daily in Deapholm made me lag so much that I when it was just a quest for me some nice passerby killed her for me.
The decision for a new computer was made.
The Intel Sandy Bridge recall fiasco happened. article convinced me to go SSD.
With the chip recall I had a SSD and Video Card. Nothing else.
Presidents' Day saw the i7 950 go down by a $100. CPU, Motherboard, and memory was bought.
Rest bought with gift cards at, like power supply and Windows 7.
Computer FINALLY put together.
Woot! 60fps... way better then the 4fps I was getting before.
Now to find time to mess with UI. ... and maybe raid.
LUI from was recommended by someone on Twitter. 

Podcast going well.
Talking over Fimlys is hard but he keeps telling me too. So I am working on interjecting. Way harder then it shounds.
Have met a lot of great people over the internet.
I'm now doing some of the guest scheduling. My first month was almost all Warlock blogs. I stopped myself. Nothing wrong with that... just trying to diversify.
The Spawn drinking game makes me feel better when she decides to speak up.



  1. I am so glad to hear you interject more often! You have been a great addition to the podcast. Seeing a new one on my player makes my day a little brighter.

  2. You apparently don't know the Way home nor what true evil's about: vertical, never whorizontal; if you think the Way home is playing games throughout your finite existence, you're sadly mistaken. Do you reeeeelly believe the king of Evil's some cute, handpuppet which cannot do you any harm? There's a WORLD sin on earth and in the Abyss o'Misery. Repent and believe. We only have a limited exposure on this swiftly-tilting-planet. God bless you.