Friday, November 12, 2010

Raid Warning Podcast & Guests on TNB

The guys over on Raid Warning are visiting Fimlys and I on Twisted Nether Blogcast live tomorrow night. It should be a fun interview.

Also, they have asked me to be a part of their Lock and Awe: Warlock Roundtable. Go over there and ask a bunch of questions so we don't start killing every critter in reach. (bahaha *wipes tear* Not like we were not going to kill them anyway.)


  1. Hydra.... you need to pressure them on a time and date for the Lock & Awe event.... very vague... I might be off stealing souls....

  2. I agree with Faidwen.
    Promoting the show to get better PUG warlocks sound a bit paradox, combined with the awareness of the two paragon members. Almost like you would talk about non-heroic dungeons.

    However, I will definitely get this podcast. But for now, I'm going to farm critter.

  3. The date still has not been set but as soon as I know for sure when I will post it here. Feel free to subscribe to the to get information from them too.