Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Chat Borked

When you get your setup all comfortable things the interrupt it can completely mess you up. It has taken me countless years and raids to tweek my UI to how I like it. But then something goes wrong... and it throws everything for a loop.

First thing to happen is ourAV receiver died. The receiver (RIP) had my surround sound connected to my computer to the TV monitor. I played with games sounds and music going though it and only have vent in my headphones. If it didn’t happen at raid time … I think I would have cried.

It was a good piece of equipment, lasted us around 18 years. I don’t know where to start to even buy a new one. It took me six months to pick out my last digital camera.

The weekend after Husband connected direct sound into the TV. I want my surround sound back TYVM.

I have only been online on raid nights…

We were noticing that the raid composition from when we started ICC in December is completely different then it is now. We use to have a full party of hunters, a full party of Rogues, enough druids to make up a party of their own, and then the others.

Now we have a shammie for every group and sometimes extras, all the rogues but two have vanished, there is finally warriors in our raids, and we actually had four Mages in raid *shocked* the other week.

… we still cannot find a regular healy pally that doesn’t lag or disappear.

I am also having a lot of trouble with my chat window. Hydra’s chat was borked. Any link showing up (loot, quest, etc.) in any chant was not clickable. This made me manually have to click on boss loot to see what dropped. I also had to manually right click on people to whisper them.

Things I tried
1. Checked other character other then Hydra. They work.
2. Checking other characters off server. They work.
3. Clearing out my chat WTF. Nope.
4. Turning off my chat addon. Nope.
5. Turning off all my addons. Nope.
6. Clearing out my entire WTF. Nope.
7. Turning off all my addons and have empty WTF. Nope.

Still got nothing.

Husband then logged into Hydrargyrum from his system and it STILL didn’t work. Something was set up directly with Blizzard that made this not work.

After diligently sifting through the Blizzard Customer Service Forums I had hope that this fix would work.

So yea... aparently with RaidID when I was messing with chat window updates and updating my Chatter addon... I clicked on some useless menu item. Who would ever need to turn a window noninteractive. Sillyness. 

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