Saturday, November 1, 2008

Random Things & NaBloPoMo Year 2

So I did NaBloPoMo last year. It has been a whole year!

Well I am still blogging and I still have stuff to say. I only post a tiny bit of my thoughts because... well... some of it I just not okay for the general public. I'm a warlock. Some things should not be written about.

Some random things for today...

Two twinks I know leveled because of the vile experience from the candy buckets.

In 3 farming runs for void crystals husband and my two other main enchanters have 90 voids. That is EACH. That is over 270 void crystals.

Aurum ran some WSG games with some old friends. There was three to five us in a group. We won every game. We beat the 7 minute game marker twice in a row. There is a difference between players who know how to play and who know how to WIN.

Blizzard fixed the achievement where you do the fishing daily five days in a row and you get the 5 Daily Quests achievement. Since this is the only daily Hydra does I know it got fixed. *grin*

Aurum and my warlock alt Curie had to dress up as Ratter. Primarily because Hydra's Orc mask vanished before the screanshots could be taken. opps.

Drood went to Kara. I tanked. More to be posted on that.

I don't think I will reach my goal of 25K gold prior to expansion. A drood needed her epic flying skill. I still have to run the heroic.

I want my zombies back. /pout

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  1. Woot, another NaBloPoMo'er! :D

    Seems there are quite a few of us this year!