Wednesday, November 19, 2008

My Demon Rights

Hello my name is Hydrargyrum and I am a Demonologist.


Apparently to be a well rounded Warlock I really should know my Felguard’s name. I have been thinking about leveling under each talent tree. My favorite spec has always been Affliction. For farming I include Improved Howl of Terror, Siphon Life, and maybe Dark Pact.

I have done hybrid specs. I welcomed the SL/SL PvP spec because it matched so much to my preferred farming spec. So I was always ready to kill for primals… or a few Horde.

I have gone Destruction, primarily for raiding. It was a pain for farming and pretty much made me respec to PvP before and after every raid.

So at level 72 I am going to try out Demonology. From chatting with guild warlocks and Nibuca I headed off to a lock trainer and fixed myself up.

I have never met my Felguard.

Everyone say “Hi” to Neelshril.

I discussed his name with some of my fellow warlocks. I concluded that his name is based off the sound a mage makes as they are cleaved by Neelshril’s heavy ax… or a rogue... hunter… druid… pally… you get the idea.

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