Thursday, November 13, 2008

Surprise It's Wrath

I have been keeping a secret. I really wanted to tell you, but Husband blew it. He told me a few weeks ago that he found my blog entertaining and was proud. (Together now...Awww. Isn’t that sweet.)

But here is the thing. I couldn’t tell you this secret before ‘cause that just might blow the surprise. But he is on his way from work now.

Here was the thing about Wrath… I REFUSED to pre-order the game. If it was not the Collectors Edition I was not going to do it. I also refuse to stand in line at midnight or wait outside a store to get a copy. ZOMG GIMMIE. HERZ MONY.

There was a midnight event just a few miles away with artists, more copies, and everything. It took me all of “No” for that decision to be made.

My plan was to wait a week and then pick it up. Husband has been giving me the puppy dog eyes (which he knows after 18 years of, I am immune) every few days since that plan was made.

Last night he noted. “There are not that many people logged in guild right now.” But at 2 AM central time people started logging in. That gave those in the east coast and central time enough time to load up the expansion. Zoom off the Northrend.

What he has not known. About a week or so ago while in Blog Azeroth chat, Matticus posted that the Wrath CE is up for sale at

I broke down. I picked us each a copy of the Wrath CE. I even paid for release day delivery. ME! You can say that in RL I am one of those frugal people. I paid the extra not just for the CE but for shipping. Trust me that is huge.

Husband still doesn’t know. So again today I got the “I don’t know if I can wait” talk. Which goes something like this…

[Husband] I don’t know if I can wait.
[Hydra] Wait for what?
[Husband] Wait for what? … Did you pick up a copy?
[Hydra] Copy of what?
[Husband] Copy of what? …Did you go pick up a copy of Wrath?
[Hydra] No, I didn’t pick you up a copy of Wrath. (Totally not a lie!! It was delivered by UPS.)
[Hydra] We will talk more about it when you get home.
[Husband] *fake sniffles* Fine be that way.
[Hydra] I will. *grins*

Evil right??!! Well at least I didn’t have to go with my cover story if he found the boxes before me. It was going to be socks…lots and lots of socks. Why? *shrug* cause it is funny. *grin*

One computer down and another to start…
Hydra is off to 80 one week earlier then I planned.

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