Friday, November 21, 2008

Leading Edge Turns 80

Congratulation to War Machine’s leading edge reaching 80, Camlach and Resirix! Kashoda would be 80 also if he would stop playing with the Horde in BGs and get it done.

I did laugh when Camlach (who took a week off from work to play) ran over and did his cooking daily for the first time. It really shows that if you left your professions and exploring till last, you too can level fast. Maybe not as fast as a week off of work but faster then currently. It is about what you find fun. I find the … little of this and little of that to be the most fun.

I hit level 75 while discovering a new area in Zul’Drak. The last two levels I have been pushing. I have completed all of the Howling Fjord and Dragonblight. I kept the I've Toured the Fjord and Might of Dragonblight tracker up so I can see about where I am at in the zone.

I read all the quests in Dragonblight. I enjoyed them immensely.

One problem I did have in Dragonblight was self induced. While questing in Fjord I didn’t skip around, I turned in quests in the natural order to a new area. Except in Dragonblight, while running around getting flight paths from Dalaran to the Fjord, some natural progression quests got turned in. At three different points I had to recall from the hundreds of quests I did this last week where I was suppose to go next and where they were on my map.

As always... it’s good to be a warlock. What a joy it has been to solo!

Recommended player…2…3…4…5. Pfft. Who needs questing partners when you are a warlock?

It is really funny that I am the one with a Mammoth Caravan. I enjoy questing solo. I have on occasion tracked down friends who needed a repair. That feature alone is faboo. I can group up and see they are on the way to one of my quests and stop on by. (This can be confused with what is considered “nice”. But didn’t you just read this? They were on my way to another quest. Just to set things straight.)

As I say that …I do group. I was helping a friend with the Really Big Worm quest and since we were there we knocked out mine too. I did have help getting the Wanted posters and My Old Enemy completed, we did as a group for pure speed reasons.

The only quest I HAD to ask for help on was Wanton Warlord. Grom'thar has a knock back that really messed me up. I just couldn’t get enough dps on him. After two attempts a guildie in the area helped me out.

Oh. Did I tell you I was really disliking the expansion? A part of me that doesn’t like change was annoyed. I had a list of things I wanted to get done prior to the expansion and it was not done. From leveling a hunter… to twinking a 19 priest… to amassing my fortune… to complete control of the world. Bahahaha.

*clears throat* Where was I…

Reassessing my list, I realized they are just things I will get to do later. I am still suspicious of what is lurking in those new shadows. So maybe I will love Wrath later.

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