Thursday, November 6, 2008

Ding! to Midnight Tank in 1.5 hours

Ding! *whew*Hu wht? Tank Kara? *looks at questing gear* I got nothing to go to Kara with. No time for major fixes. Gear! Pots! Flask!

Luckily I was farming the scourge invasion the night before. For gloves and shoulders I picked up the items from the Necrotic Runes.

From all of the instance tanking I had enough reputation to pick up the Dragonhide Helm from lower city and Dragonhide Robe from Honor Hold. That gave me some extra armor. Because I am Bear the resilience helps. As PvP gear it had high stamina. All perfect and quick!

For my legs and boots I had made the Heavy Clefthoof Leggings and Heavy Clefthoof Boots.

I didn’t have enough time for enchants. But I refused to off-tank without a leg kit or gems. I had the leatherworker make me a Clefthide Leg Armor for my pants.

In such short notice I would never be able to fill all the gems from AH and/or get them cut. Also green gems are going for 15G, people are insane. So I picked up gems from a gem merchant. All slots filled!

Wait… meta for my head slot. Spirit shards! I had some from tanking the Auchindoun instances. I had more then enough to pick up Swift Windfire Diamond.

I sure felt scrubby going to Kara. But that is all I had time for. That is all I could get done. At least I knew we had a real main tank.

It was not even planned. Not even close. I knew things got nerfed but not to the point that you would take an under-geared tank. Granted there was not that much off-tanking needed. I picked up stragglers after healers and tried to lighten the load off the warrior in pack pulls. I helped keep the pace as fast as I could.I stayed second treat on Moroes.
I cat dps Maiden.
I took the Hateful Bolts on Curator.
I tanked Kil’rek.
I cat killed Aran. (Which I learned quickly you don’t get sucked in prior to Arcane Explosion when in melee range.)
I danced in and out of the red beam and took the green beam on Netherspite.
I failed my first EVER Chess! WTB heals on King.
I survived melee enfeebles on Prince!

[10:37] DING!
[12:03] Attumen the Hutsman engaged.

[14:32] Prince Malchezaar has been defeated.Then I got to do it all over again two days later when Kara reset!!

I picked up so much new gear my head is spinning. I picked up two pieces of T4, the gloves and helm. I beat the rouge out of the Girdle of Treachery which replaced a green quest item. I know there is more but I am still a bit fuddled by it all.

Then… I finished my Kara keying in Black More-ass. *grin* Which let me run around finishing off my quest inside a cleared Kara. But now I have to kill Aran and Prince!!?? Don't they know I did that already.



  1. Oh MAN! I can feel the rush just reading!

    I've been slacking on getting my first REAL alt up to 70 - poor lil druid is sitting at 66. I hope my Kara goes something like yours! Congrats!

  2. That poor rogue :*(