Saturday, November 22, 2008

Farming Walking Gold

The Borean Tundra has walking gold. I here they make fun Hunter pets. But what I see is gold waiting to be collected.Rhinos drop meat to sell on the auction house. Rhino Meat is used for one of the cooking dailys. They will need 4 pieces to make Rhino Dogs for the quest. It is also used in a few different recipes for those leveling their cooking.

Skinning gave me Borean Leather to sell. Much to my surprise I ended up with three Arctic Furs. The Arctic Furs are used by leather workers to make items and buy new patterns. More gold!

Rhinos don’t it for you? There are Mammoths out there too. Or Shoveltusks. Seriously find something to spend 20 minutes to farm. Take advantage of the WoW market right now. I am using a few things to skill up only a little. I am selling the rest.

General tip for the next two months through the holidays... Sell everything form Northrend. If it can be disenchanted, do it. Enchanting and raw crafting materials are at a premium right now. This is cloth, ore, leather, eternals, meat… everything. This will change but now ... go for the gold!

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