Monday, November 24, 2008


One of the new features in Wrath are improved shadows. I did not notice a change. A guildie mentioned that it was in your settings and can be adjusted.

1. Options
2. Video
3. Effects
4. Shadow Quality
5. Adjust to desired level.

The shadows are default to low (as it should be). My video card is two years old. I am on a low/medium population server. I am trying my shadows out at 50%.

This small change completely changes the game.

The shadows curve on walls...slant on ramps... cast through transparent items.
The detail at 50% is phenomenal. Well compared to the gray dot we have been use to for years.
If you have a video card that can handle the load, play with increasing the shadows. I think mine could handle more. I start to notice a lag in the cities any higher. I do not wish to have to change settings back and forth.

Do something. Find a little corner in Azeroth. A place with trees, hills, rocks, or buildings. Where there is less, or no people, and enjoy the full effect.

Enjoy the darker sharper shadowy side of Azeroth.

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