Tuesday, January 27, 2009

My Add-ons

“It would be nice if you'd make a post about what add-ons you are using. Could you do that?” –Jakob

WIT (Warlock-in-Training) Jakob asked this as a very nice comment. WIT Jakob is now called a WIT because he made me giggle. No worries Jakob we are all WITs.

Normally I would ignore and not answer. But decided that I could call WIT Jakob a WIT and that would make me laugh more. Plus he was not the first to ask. With add-ons post 3.0 out a while things have stabilized in the add-on area.

I use wowmatrix.com program to update all my add-ons. Some people do not like it, but I update two computers. During a big patch day this has saved me from taking things and throwing them out a window. It is up to your own research on if you like it to use it or not.

Before I use any add-on I go to the actually developer site or if not found to the download site. I scan issues, bugs, and last few update notes. This gives me an idea if it will be around for a while, currently being updated, if things are just getting refined, etc.

Presenting my very long list…


XPerl – I love it. Having my toon, target, target of target shown below my character is something I have gotten very use too.
Chatter – An easy to use and modify chat window. Two things it does for me is the ability to copy text and change height and width easily.
RicoMiniMap – Gives me a square, can modify position, and I can change the size of the minimap.

Class Specific:

Necrosis (warlock only)– Gives me my most used warlock abilities a click or two away. I use it to make SS, stones, or summon my minions including other raid/party members. *grin*
Nudge (hunter) – Shows when my hunters are in range of target.
RuneWatch (death knight only) – To help me figure out how to play my Death Knight.

Tools During Battles:

Omen – Tank aggro here I come!
Proximo – Used in Arenas I am not as good as other players so this helps me keep track of who I am up against.
Recount – Damage meter to see my …well… damage.
Deadly Boss Mod – Yes. We know and love it for the dungeon and raids. I like it for battlegrounds also.
DotTimer – This is finally back to being as customizable as I liked it. I am constantly changing it a bit here and there. This is where my eyes are at in a fight.

Additional Info:

Fubar (+plugins) – I am not all that excited about. I used titan panel pre-wrath. I had it showing the gold I had on the current character and the drop down showed total. Currently I am looking at total gold, but I want only gold on the current toon shown. But over all not so bad.
Atlas & AtlasLoot – Atlas give me ingame dungeon maps…since I still get lost in Gnomeregon and Wailing Caverns.
Auctioneer Advanced –If Auctioneer suddenly no longer existed… I would seriously have to consider if I was going to continue to play WoW or not.
EasyMail – Empties my mail box with one click.
Enchantrix – It is part of the full Auctioneer suite. This tells me what things may disenchant into.
DoubleWide – Makes my quest pane into two larger easier to read areas.
TomTom – This shows me my coordinates when I am out and about. Used with LightHeaded and put a big arrow in the direction I should be going. I love this add-on.
LiveStock – Mount and non-combat pet randomizer. Really easy to use and highly recommend it.
RatingBuster – In game gear calculator, I use it as a guide for gear comparison. Only you can determine with your other gear if it is an actual upgrade.
Outfitter – Lots of fun for my toons. I wait till they are max level or gear has stabilized.
LightHeaded – wowhead.com in game. Partnered with TomTom (clickable blue coordinates) I can get less lost in questing.
TourGuide – I use this to level alts. Partnered with LightHeaded and TomTom the three make leveling easy.
LoggerHead – Turns on and off my combat log. Unfortunately I have it turned on somewhere over Theramore Isle and when I fly over it always turn on. I have yet been able to figure out how to fix that. Otherwise it does exactly what I need it to do.

...and I am still looking at some other add-ons.


  1. Loggerhead turning on over Theramore is probably because of Onyxia's Lair. So if you don't plan on going in there, you can probably turn that off.

  2. @Grimmtooth
    That is a good idea. I will have to check to see if that works.

  3. WIT Jakob kindly thanks you for your post. I usually play my hunter, allthough suddenly I felt like playing a vulnerable char, that eventhough you kill him, you still die. I've just specced 40/31, allthough I'm only 67 now, so the dot-dot-dot die and target die, I've just left.

    I like the lock though, for it's ability to surprise people. Often people, myself includede earlier, think that, ohhh that lock is low on life, I'll get him. Love to have them surprised on the HP management of locks.

    I've got tons of addons myself. Tried most of what you mention, but wanted to find out, how locks use their addons.

    My hunter just started using a rngeaddon, since the BM nerf, making me stand 30 yards from target and snipe.

    I usually read BigRedKitty.net, and he's displaying his addons in his sidepanel. My reccomendations here to do the same.

    And, consider doing videos like him, it's fun, nd he's got a great voiceover ;)

    Again, thank you for not just not responding, it's greatly appreciated! And watch out for m on Ravencrest, I'll work on that 80-Ding soon. Just need time for my kids too ;)
    WIT Jakob