Monday, January 5, 2009

New Bag and Faire Time

Sartharion dropped the Dragon Hide Bag just for me. Bigger bag = more shards.
Soiled Trousers … should that have been a gray item? A friend linked to me some gear. I don’t know what I was thinking based on who it was being linked by…I am holding onto a Prism Deck and waiting patiently for the Darkmoon Faire to get here. Off to Thunder Bluff I go tonight!*giddy*

Darkmoon Card: Illusion should push me over 2000 spell power self buffed.


  1. Just curious, why don't you use a soul shard bag? They're bigger. And shards automatically go into it?

  2. I absolutely have a shard bag. I tend to keep two full bags of shards with me at all times. Since the second bag gets to hole stuffs and shards it is not a shard bag. Thus my excitement for a new fancy big bag.