Sunday, January 4, 2009

Winter Vale for the (Prairie) Dogs

This is winters vale is over. But for me it was great fun.

My Husband’s mother made us some great desk calendars as gifts.

This year was the year of the prairie dog. I smuggled not ten or twenty of these to Alliance side, but EIGHTY (80) prairie dogs through the goblins this year. I also smuggled thirty snowshoe rabbits over to horde side. After all was passed out I ended up with only seven prairie dogs left.

It was fun exchanging in-game mail with so many people. I got a chance to say hi to to a few I had not chatted with in ages. I received a lot of buff food in return. It was sweet of them and much appreciated. The kind letters really warmed my heart.

I can tell you that "Merrymaker" is a title that I may have earned... but I will never show.
But I Hit the jack pot with my jewelcrafter! Two +19 spell power gems!!! I saved them for something special.
I thought hard on what to use them in. Then I won it!
My new belt was socketed with yummy goodness.
Being nice is sometimes hard. This just reminds me that it can be … "profitable"... well it is true.

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