Thursday, January 8, 2009

I am a Death Knight

I was reborn to the Horde. (First as a Draenei…Then told to reroll as Horde. So I made an Undead, then a Troll, then a Tauren (who I kinda liked), but sorry, I still ended as a Blood Elf. /sorry)

They could spit on me. They could throw bananas. They could throw apples. They could cower in fear at my presence in Orgrimmar. But nothing they could do could prepare me for the worst of all things while entering into the city.

The cruelty.

The pain.

The horrible words.

I was not prepared for it. I was in shock.

It could be none other then…


*FYI: Death Knight: A Remedial Lesson*


  1. LOL! Yes trade chat is quite interesting on the Hourd faction.... lol.... Bet they were doing something with the word... um well i would rather not say... but it begins with a and ends l