Thursday, January 15, 2009

Ghostcrawler Asks for Warlock Feedback

Posted today was this question by Ghostcrawler:
Topic: Warlocks, which spells do you never use?
Feel free to explain why or just list the spells. Typical explanations might be something like "The damage isn't competitive" or "I can't afford the talent points."
For purposes of this thread, please confine your discussion to this specific question and don't belabor the point with other class issues. - Ghostcrawler
My rundown on the topic:

Curse of Doom – With the speed of boss fights, it does less damage than CoA. I have yet cast this on a Mob post 3.0. (Interesting thought would be to have this a “no threat spell” In some cases the less damage but no threat would make me consider using CoD.)

Curse of Recklessness – The non-stacking of buffs killed this.

Curse of Elements – If this doesn’t benefit 3 or more high dps in the raid my CoA does more damage. (I am still doing more math where that change over is. Maybe someone else my have this already done.)

Curse of Tongues – PvE bosses are immune to this curse in Wrath. (It was useful for Caribdis (Karathress)) Since then I have not used it except in very few cases of BG PvP.

Curse of Weakness – I have used this once since Wrath, in an extremely limited case since it was for an Achievement in Halls of Stone. Also used in BG PvP on rare occasions.

Drain Mana – I have not used at all. I find it more time and mana efficient to make a target use up their mana in heals or casts then to use this spell.

Demon Skin – Needs to be combined as a lower rank of Demon Armor.

Inferno & Ritual of Doom – I have never summoned an Infernal. The one time I did summon a Doomguard was for healer practice prior to Wrath. (But with the low level of damage our current minions have, I thought about using the Infernal in a heroic or two, but only for an achievement.)

Summon Succubus & Summon Voidwalker – No buffs to lock or party, insignificant damage, few uses of CC in Wrath, and low survivability. At least a Succy sac spec pre-Wrath made her a useful minion. Same for VW for PvP. Now nothing.

Soulshatter - Cooldown really needs to be reduced, four minutes would be nice. In a boss fight Shatter at 2 min and 6 min. I could work with that currently I have one chance. I do use this spell all the time.

Incinerate – Trying to time this in addition to the affliction spells… well lets just say that this spell is not even on my bars.

Chaos Bolt, Conflagrate, and Shadowfury - I have not speced Destro for a while. But they were useable to me at the time.

Shadowflame – Barely usable. I would like to see a cooldown reduction to 7-10 seconds. It is a spell I use to get agro off my healers in add situations like COT: Culling of Stratholme. A DoT with 3 secs to start damaging is not fast enough. But Shadowflame works well.

What are your thoughts? Go tell GC so you can be a part of the process.

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  1. would be nice if SoC didn't cost so much mana.

    Inferno would be a lot more useful if it didn't last just a minute, i've used it to some extent in raids and pvp mostly just for the stun, other than that i put it on aggressive and let it do whatever it wants, it's too slow to help me if i get attacked by melee and it's low dmg output doesn't help even if it was nearby.

    was thinking of Demon Armor being combined with Nether Protection maybe lasting for 8-12 seconds, would be way better than either of those two alone, for use against casters like other locks or mages.
    it would be something like a DK's anti-magic shell.

    and just to add one more thing, some sort of mechanic that would lower melee dmg, it's quite annoying being raped by hunters when their pets are on you, range and melee at the same time is aggravating seeing as how none of our demons can do half the dmg theirs can, i don't include fel guard in that because he is easily kite-able