Friday, January 30, 2009

Arathi Basin Now

First note that “Hydra doesn’t PvP”, since 3.0.2 was released, since before Wrath, I have not set foot into Arathi Basin. So Kinna and I went in to check out what was going on in the Basin together.

What I found was annoying, but expected. I have no PvP gear. But I have all epic PvE gear. Over 1500 health and 2100 spell power self buffed. I couldn’t last through anything.

Cloth gear? It felt more like paper. I was being two shot, by non-crits. In the time it takes me to cast an instant spell or two I was dead. (Still wondering if the emblem gear, Savage Gladiator's Felshroud, would be worth how little I PvP.)

But I had fun… I realized I had to completely change how I played AB.

I could hold a resource all by myself and outlast until help came to me.

I was the help.

This is one way I play my hunters. Not only watching the map (shift+m) but also using track humanoids to watch player movement.

As a lock I only had the two maps to use as a guide. But players are the same. Most players do not modify their play style in the middle of the game they are … predictive.

I watched the battleground stats to see who the cappers were and who the major killers were. I disrupted their plans.

I was there to back up defense before they had to call for help.

I used /s when I knew there was a stealthie around.

I was constantly on the go. I used Kinna as my second eyes where she was fighting. This made not having tracking like a hunter bearable. I was able to put that spell power and my fear to some good use.

I had a great time.

Thanks Ratters for loaning Kinna out to me. We killed together. She did well.

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  1. Yeah, AB and WSG are different worlds for casters, now that the other team has 3 death knights and 3 ret pallies running around in gank squads. Nice work on adjusting to the new reality; these can still be fun BGs. Alliance scum. ;)