Monday, January 12, 2009

Three Quarters

Saturday we cleared three quarters in Naxxramas, the Construct Quarter, the Plague Quarter, and the Arachnid Quarter.

I received my Construct Quarter achievement on Grobbulus. I didn’t go the full week before. I attended the last day of clean up so I killed Thaddius the week before.What made this a fun fight was once again my fellow raiders. All I have to say is that some tanks had their Raid Warning privileges removed for their excessive use of…


Well ... because ... that is what Grobbulus does and if you drop your poop on your friends … they may not be your friends much longer.

It was unexpected for me that we went and cleared the Plague Quarter next. I had no idea that was where we were off to next. But our RLs were good about explaining it to us. OK maybe reading it too us.The Dark Shroud of the Scourge dropped and I lost it to a /roll of a 15. A 15!! Evidently I didn’t want it at all. *smacks head on desk*

Somewhere in there I won my token for my shoulders, Heroes' Plagueheart Shoulderpads. My first tier piece. I am very excited about that. My newly exalted status with the Sons of Hodir (last Wednesday) will now be used.

To finish off the night we ran through the Arachnid Quarter in about an hour. We have been to that wing a few times. The fights have minimum explanation. Starting to get a farming grove on. It was a very good run.

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