Saturday, January 24, 2009

Loque'nahak ... Died

We asked...

Asked in guild.
Asked off our friends lists.
Asked in Sholazar Basin.

Waited around for quite a while.

Not one hunter wanted to come tame the Spirit Beast.

We asked...Really we did.

Then we kill Loque'nahak.
I got the achievement. All I have to say to all the hunters still searching...


*clears throat* I meant ... Sorry?


  1. Almost Evil? Hunny you ARE evil! 8oP If I didn't already have mine I would be upset but hey you tried.

  2. Blasphemy, I spend 4 weeks looking now. Never seen it, but folks thinks it's soooo funny to say that they just killed it. I politely ask them to let me know next time, tell them why ets ets. Not sure how many think they are just funny, and how many are for real. Gee, stupid cat, I want it, but this is dumb.

  3. *sigh*. There are like 20-40 hunters circling the Basin 24 hours a day it seems on the server I play on. I'd love to find this pet someday.

  4. As a warrior with several good hunter friends, alls I can say is Bwahahahahahahahahahahahaha!!!!!

  5. @Hunters
    At least this confirms that Loque’nahak spawns at…*checks my killing screenshot*
    Sholazar Basin @ 51.01, 80.88

    I will reinforce that we all really did try to find a hunter to tame the kitty.

    I know. Every time I look at the kill shot it makes me grin. Forget that. I still laugh. Bahahaha.

  6. It took that many of you to kill him? Now THAT is funny.