Tuesday, December 15, 2009

What I learned from Deathbringer Saurfang

First thing first.

You all smell.

That is right.

So that I don’t have to smell you STAY 12 YARDS AWAY FROM ME.

Which I can tell if you are not in the 11 yard area of /distance or /range that my boss mod is telling me. The only time I tolerate your smell is if I am being chased by a beastie.Deathbringer Saurfang is the fourth boss in Icecrown Citidel, as locks our role is easy in this fight. Kill stuff.

We eventually had the hunters, boomkins, and healers toward the middle. Those of us with less reliable CC for the beasts were on the outside.

Some things I learned.
  1. Constantly check your /distance from fellow raiders. There is actually a handy beep in DBM (I am sure in the others too.) Activate the beep if you think you will forget to constantly check.
  2. Conflagrate works on the beast. The stun effect is a waste on bosses because of their immunity. Change up your timing so you will have the stun for when beasts spawn.
  3. If you have Shadowfury it will work as an AOE stun on beasties.
  4. Beasts are immune to fear and horror effects.
  5. Demonic portal can be used to mark your spot.
  6. Don’t get territorial in your spot. That healer in your 11 yards may have a raid living reason for standing there. Adjust your spot.
  7. If chased, move. Use portal to get back to your spot quickly.
  8. Dead mages are a pain to assist off (but funny.)
  9. Being all the way to the side can make it difficult to hit all the beasties. Being all the way to the right side of the platform I was only able to dps 2 or 3 if lucky. Do as much as you can.
  10. This is a healer fight. They have to heal each person with Mark of the Fallen Champion until the boss dies. Plan life taps with this in mind.
  11. Make sure you have life tap rank 1 available. If you have been marked make sure it is what you are primarily using. NO DIEING because you tapped.
  12. The difference between when I was DPSing only the boss verses when I was on the boss and adds was anywhere from 500-800 dps. This seemed across the board for all classes.
  13. Managing the adds is way more important then anything.
  14. Remember this is not supposed to be easy. It was designed as a challenge.
When I saw who the boss was it made me immensely sad. Deathbringer Saurfang was the son of High Overlord Vorok Saurfang. We just saw High Overlord Saurfang as the leader of the Horde battleship Orgrim's Hammer in the Icecrown Gunship Battle.

Both men had key involvement in Wrathgate. I saw the battle from both the Horde and Alliance side. Seeing them here made it all more poignant. It really is the start of the end of this epic story we are playing called Wrath of the Lich King.

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