Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Keypad Belkin n52te

Belkin n52te Tournament Edition SpeedPadConsider the Belkin n52te SpeedPad for that last minute gift for the gamer on your list. I first heard about this from Nibbles.

One day completely redoing my Warcraft keybindings in frustration, I realized this would help a lot. So I asked for one last holiday season. Then Husband jumped on the wagon and asked for the identical gift. A year later I could not game without it.

It was pretty easy to set up.

Pairing the keypad with the addon Dominos has made Warcraft keybinding easy. Not only easy but this last year has been so much more comfortable.

Now it did take me about two weeks to get use too. After that initial settling in period it has been instinctive to use. Plus any tinkering has all been in the addon in-game.

Before I had about 12 keys easy assessable. Plus I would constantly have to reset my hand position because I would get off by a key. I don't have that issue because of my hand sits comfortably on the palm pad.

I have the n52te set up with 33 keys set up. Nibbles set hers up here. If I get to it I will tell you how I have it set up. I have it set up a little bit different. My Tab, Ctrl, and Alt set up to the left. 

It is always good to evaluate the amount of time you do something. Then look if you can do something to enhance your experience. I never would have thought I would buy a keypad. But with how much Warcraft we now play, I highly recommend looking into something like computer accessories.

I am now an Amazon Affiliate! I am sure I will mess with it some more down the road. The first thing I listed was the Belkin n52te. I use to approve affiliates from another online retailer. Now feels very full circle.


  1. Another cool thing you might look into is the Razor Naga, its a mouse with 12 buttons on the side.

    Mix that with a nostromo and a G11 or G15 keyboard and you got more hotkeys than you know what to do with.

  2. Grats on turning to the blue-glowy side of the force!
    The N52te is the first piece of kit I point my guildmates to once they get past the 'learning to play' phase, usually a couple weeks in. So far I've gotten a half-dozen folks that swear by it for WoW. Coupling it with Dominos is truly sublime.
    As dedicated users, I'd appreciate your comments on my UI/N52te setup vids at www.youtube.com/user/worldctzen.
    Fair winds!

  3. @Grendalsh
    I like the videos! Will have to check them all out. Thanks.