Wednesday, December 23, 2009

This Arena Season

I have kinda ignored the last few arena seasons at 80.

Also, It has been a long time since I twinked regularly. The one thing twinking did do was get me connected with a lot of friends that enjoy a PvP rumble now and then. That is where all my arena partners have come from.

A Ret Pally friend and I did 2s this season for the fun of it. We got to 1115 rating. Not so bad for a team with no real healer. Both of us enjoyed it for the challenge of the games. We were really an unlikely duo to do well.

I learned to watch for his stuns. I tried to time my Shadowfury for the best affect. I learned the effect of a well placed Demonic Portal. I repeatedly learned the death by whirlwinding warriors and stunlocking rogues.

Then over a month ago he decided to take some time off from WoW. No more partner around to dabble in arenas.

A friend, PvP Holy Pally and his partner have 2000 plus rating for the fun of it attitude. Season 7 they can no longer get the titles and rewards in 2v2. So they have been carrying people to help get them some gear. I could really use a 1300 rating for some new boots.

Unfortunately I didn’t have lead on my 2v2 team before my friend left the game. I really didn’t want to start all over at a zero rating.

So we thought and thought about what to do. Then he had the brilliant idea that I join their 3v3 team.

I didn’t want to mess with their rating or anything. Apparently they have been trying a bunch of 3s partners. Things have not worked out. This would get me my boots while they figured out what they wanted to do. Sounded like a great fit.

Off we went.

So even if you don’t PvP you should know this… team consists of …
Holy Pally

Who will be targeted first 80% of the time?

Yea… I found that out quick.

Most of our games consist of me trying to stay alive for the first three minutes. CC the healer. Let the warrior actually kill them. LOS the ranged. Not LOS my healer. And screaming in vent “I FOUND THE ROGUE!!!! GET IT OFF!!! GET IT OFF!!! GET IT OFF!!!”

That brings us to only a few weeks of 3v3s at a rating of 1675.

I am amazed since that puts us at 862 in the Emberstorm Battlegroup.

I heard that my partners were asked to go off and play with another. DENIED.

Which is kinda sweet of them… so I guess I can take arenas a little more seriously… since well at this point it was natural knowledge of the class and past PvP experience.

Some things I need to start looking at to help us improve.
1. Stop apologizing for dieing.
2. Actually maximize keybindings for PvP.
3. Get real PvP macros.
4. Actually READ something on PvP.
5. Start at Arena Junkies.
6. Work on more pet control.
7. Consider an affliction spec.
8. Glyph solely for PvP and not PvE dual usage.
9. Actually get all the honor gear I qualify for with our current rating.
10. Pay more attention to my Warriors health bar.
11. Figure out how to CC, DPS, move, and live all at the same time.
12. Make sure it stays fun!

We are way past the rating for me to get my boots. I totally get to laugh at the Warrior when he rages. I imagine it is something like this... J/K (kinda)

As for the name of my team and the fact that the tabard is a cheery… it is what I get for joining a team created by teenage boys.

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