Thursday, December 3, 2009

All Aboard the Hunter Express

I was chatting with some Hunters in Blog Azeroth Chat. I have 15-gazzion things I want to talk to you about but sometimes posts with numbers take so long they never get posted.

Last week I raided more on my Hunter then on Hydra. This works right now since TOC 10/25 is such short raids. We will see how it goes when Icecrown is released.

[09:09] hydra: For hunters is there really a big difference between stats for the different specs? or stacking agility good for a nub hunter.
[09:14] EuripidesOutDPS: @Hydra agility is always good
[09:15] EuripidesOutDPS: the rare situations where it's less perfect are really specific (like high end gear)
[09:15] hydra: Rip. TOC25 "high end"?
[09:15] EuripidesOutDPS: for a new raider? You bet your butt.
[09:16] myze: Especially if you're SV, Hydra
[09:16] EuripidesOutDPS: also, toc 25 alone won't push ArP past agility- you need at least a few togc 25 pieces for that
[09:16] hydra: =) then I need to figure something out. I have 1 piece 9.5 and a few 245.
[09:16] EuripidesOutDPS: yeah, arp is only better for MM at 630+ imba generally, and then arguably so
[09:16] hydra: only for MM?
[09:17] EuripidesOutDPS: MM hunters that stack agi do more DPS in a lot of situations, but there korolon DPS is a little lower
[09:17] EuripidesOutDPS: only for MM
[09:17] EuripidesOutDPS: SV gets very little from it, and BM even less
[09:17] hydra: I am survival at the moment.
[09:17] EuripidesOutDPS: their attacks already ignore armor
[09:17] EuripidesOutDPS: yeah, agi 100%
[09:17] hydra: Ok.
[09:18] EuripidesOutDPS: and unless you want to carry around 1000g of epic gems to min max the 3 encounters where arp is better than agi for some MM hunters, you're safe with agi
[09:18] hydra: I have hit 5K or more dps. and have been 80 for a little over 3 weeks.
[09:18] EuripidesOutDPS: also, crit if it's a yellow socket and the bonus is good
[09:18] TheStoppableForce: Hy's filthy rich, she might just carry the gems around
[09:18] EuripidesOutDPS: that's good
[09:18] EuripidesOutDPS: I'm filthy rich too, but I didn't get that way by wasting 1000g on every boss change
[09:19] EuripidesOutDPS: Hey Hy, have you run your toon through
[09:19] hydra: Hey now. I am down to only 6K on this toon. she is broke compared to Hydra. Granted this is after leveling both Inscription and Enchanting.
[09:19] EuripidesOutDPS: really? I made money getting those maxed out
[09:19] hydra: I was looking at
[09:20] EuripidesOutDPS: check out agi and crit DPS per itemization
[09:20] hydra: The professions were leveled in 4 days. So I would be ready for raid.
[09:20] EuripidesOutDPS: if it's about even, see if you can swap some 20 agi gems in yellow slots out for 10 agi 10 crit ones to get the socket bonus
[09:20] EuripidesOutDPS: ah, that I cant do
[09:20] hydra: Rib... I dont know where on the sheet to see that.
[09:20] EuripidesOutDPS: I took several weeks to make sure I never bought too much and drove prices up
[09:21] EuripidesOutDPS: it's near the bottom- you have a grid with "dps per itemization"
[09:21] hydra: ok. will look.
[09:21] EuripidesOutDPS: here:
[09:21] hydra: \o/
[09:22] hydra: thanks.
[09:22] EuripidesOutDPS: between those three you have the complete picture :)
[09:22] EuripidesOutDPS: welcome
[09:23] hydra: Rip. sorry for all the hunter question. I am raiding on 2 toons at the moment. and I am neck deep in warlock stuff. You are easier to ask for the hunter stuffs. =)
[09:24] hydra: ... that and I have been rolling around in
[09:24] hydra: hopping something sticks.

[09:25] hydra: is the wolf really the only raiding pet?
[09:26] hydra: I keep wanting to try like... wind serpent!
[09:26] myze: Just say no
[09:26] hydra: =)
[09:27] myze: And if you're not BM, then yes. And if you are BM, GTFO
[09:28] myze: Though my BM raider in Savant always tops the meters... and ranked on WoL like 5 times last night
[09:29] hydra: I picked up the wolf from felwood with pieces missing. I have kid my tanks that they are eating pieces off of him while I am not looking.
[09:30] hydra: that is why they stand him in fire so they can have charred wolf kabobs.
[09:30] Ratter: lol
[09:30] myze: I'm pretty sure she did about as much DPS on this Beasts attempt that I did the one time I tried BM on 25....
[09:31] myze: And her gear is all from 10mans...

{Insert LOTR conversation on if Legolas Min/Maxed and talent points}

[09:48] hydra: Hunter I did just what said. Cause well. I didn’t have time. So figured I would start there.
[09:48] myze: I assume you're 15/56?
[09:49] hydra: ... you would assume I knew that ... you would be wrong. =) *goes and looks*
[09:50] hydra: 18/53 at the moment.
[09:50] hydra:
[09:51] hydra: Hit is high. over 8%. . but get gear faster then I can pay attention to it.
[09:51] Nibuca: sounds like a tough problem to have :P
[09:52] hydra: but I think I have stabilized for a bit.
[09:52] hydra: lol.. not a complaint.
[09:52] hydra: just can spec out of hit talents. ... and haven’t.
[09:52] hydra: ;)
[09:52] myze: Some interesting choices there.
[09:53] hydra: rofl
[09:54] myze: If you want to get rid of those Focused Aim points, you can move them right up to Improved stings, it really plays nicely with the current set bonuses out there.
[09:54] hydra: K.
[09:54] myze: Also, you'll have a lot more mana on fights like Faction Champs and Twins where you can Viper Sting an off target
[09:55] hydra: ...viper sting... yea... I guess I should use that in that fight.
[09:55] myze: Yeah, just focus a mage or something, you should never have to go AotV on that fight
[09:56] EuripidesOutDPS: I like that fight
[09:56] myze: You don't need 3/3 EW, 2/3 will be just about as good
[09:56] myze: If you're needed for replenishment, I'd put that point in Hunting Party, if not, I'd put those two points in Resourcefulness
[09:56] Ratter: I'm thinking my point is being made
[09:57] myze: Perhaps.
[09:57] hydra: lol. Ratter.
[09:57] myze: But I'm sure Hydra already does BAMF damage in raids.
[09:57] myze: His spec is fine as is.
[09:57] myze: The improvements I offer are small, but at the top, you scrape for every bit
[09:58] hydra: I think of min/maxing like someone building a mini train set. It can be as detailed or as not as you want. As long as the train still goes and you can still laugh.
[09:59] Nibuca: I never really found trains that interesting...
[10:00] hydra: I love trains! and would make lego towns for them.

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