Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Ready for Winter Veil

This year I am relieved that I don't have do any holiday achievements. If I do any on a toon it is for the enjoyment and not for the meta achievement.

This year I have a personal Meta-achievement.

Prior to a holiday I am stocking up on a few goods that can be sold in the auction house. This way I can take advantage of all the impatient people who just want to BUY IT NOW.
For Winters Veil I have stocked up in Runecloth and Wool Cloth. If you remember last year I went and picked up the pattern from Orgrimmar for the Green Winter Clothes.

A day or so before the holiday started I made 20 each of the Green and Red Winter Clothes. I started the bid at about 65 gold. As expected they sold well.

I am almost sold out.Because I am on Alliance side the Red Winter Cloths have plummeted in price. I saw some up for 10 gold. There looks to be only one other seller for the Green Horde clothes.

I may have been able to make more gold on that first day. But I don't want to have a lot of stock returned from the auction house. So a 400% markup seems ... "fair" doesn't seem like the correct word.

Another thing I have been collecting for this Holiday was small eggs. I had a few stacks and on the first day sold them for 2-4 gold EACH. I highly recommend telling low level friends to go farm and sell these.

We should get a good few days of high prices from the auction house. I don't expect many will continue with the achievements at high prices after the 25th. Those are not the individuals you are selling too. Like all good merchants after the 25th you need to think about unloading your stock.

Hope your Winter Veil is profitable. *grin*


  1. You said HI with winterclothes!! cool :)

  2. *giggle*

    Yea I did. I couldn't help it. Thanks for noticing!