Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Twisted Nether Ads Up ...Again

I have an updated Twisted Nether Blogcast Ad rotator. It is back on my side bar (if anyone noticed that it even vanished, which is over there --> )The ads broke not that long ago. Fimlys has now sent me updated code and all looks good.

The below bloggers are listed. Many have helped answer my nub questions about other classes. They have also helped me figure out ways to improve and test what I am doing in groups and raids. Some make me laugh IRL from some of the things they say in Blog Azeroth chat. Above all they are passionate about WoW.

I recommend you taking some time to check them out… even if not all of them cannot be gifted to be a warlock.

Twisted Nether Blogcast
Asleep at the WoW
Casual WoW
Need More Rage
Mystic Chicanery
Kestrel's Aerie
World of Warcraft Wanderings
Bind on Equip
The Stoppable Force
Resto 4 Life
I Sheep Things
The Big Bear Butt
Too Many Annas
Leafshine: Lust for Flower
NE Hunter L4Mobs, PST!
Lady Jess
Gun Loving Dwarf Chick
The Druid Team
Banana Shoulders

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  1. I figure my Holyness is counterpoint to your almost evilness, Hydra. <3