Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Random Goings On

I found this Small, Medium, and Large demonstration in Husband’s Screenshots.
A hunter and pet symbiosis is always a good thing. Yes, Fraggle Rocks.
Love Fools have the same cooldown as healthstones.
I raided 5 nights in a row. My guild starts at 8 PM server (most of the time promptly) and ends at 11 PM. I have determined that it is too much. … I am going to have figure out how to not sign up when I have an enabler at home.

I cannot decide if I like 10-man or 25-man Naxx more.

In our first 25 man Patchwork, almost all (less 2) the dps in the raid was hitting 3K or more. I hit 3841 dps per recount. I don’t like seeing the quick dips. I think that is where Shadow Embrace is falling off. I know at the end that was a whisper that caught my eye.
Warlock aggro management is an issue on Noth, Loatheb (if you're not spored and the tank gets the debuff), and Malygos. Thanks Llanion (AKA Bob of BA Chat) over at Moonfire! for confirming I am seeing a general trend. He also noted that aggro is an issue on the first few seconds of a Grobbulus fight and Patchwerk for Melee.

When someone says on vent “There is no Primal Air on the auction house.” I went and put them up for twice I thought they were worth. Yea, people bought them.
I started doing 2v2 arena. We won as much as we lost. Partner is a PvP healy pally. I have about 450 resilience.

Arena names are fun. We won our first ever Season 4 Arena together.
I think a 9 minute Arena is long. They won but didn’t live up to their name. phail.My partner still doesn't believe I am as bad as I say I am.

A while back, we were talking about all of Jaina’s high profile boyfriends.


  1. Hearthstone is 1 Hour :) <3


  2. Apparently I lost the L in Health. Which doesn't surprise me. But the link and image is correct of our Fel Healthstone.

    Which all has a two minute cooldown.

  3. What helped me on keeping Shadow Embrace up on more stationary fights was to recast haunt early.

    What that also did, was allow me to Haunt, then lifetap and have the old haunt's ghosty healing (yes, that's what I'm calling it) heal me up to full right away.

  4. I have actually tried it both ways. For the efficiency of Haunt you would wait to apply so you didn’t over lap. BUT the secondary use to keep Shadow Embrace applied overshadows that efficiency.

    Noticing you can reapply and working it into your upkeep of DoTs immediately seems to be the way to go.

  5. Try to drain soul on the last 24% of patchwerks health. its incredibly powerful. 15-19% of my total dmg on patchwerk come from ds, even though its just my filler spell on the last quarter of the fight.
    you'll break 4k easily