Wednesday, February 25, 2009

My Sixth Screenshot

There are a lot of sixth shots out there. I was tagged by the lovely Nib over at Mystic Chicanery. So here it goes.

The first time I ever figured out the screenshot feature in Warcraft was the time I turned level 70. I wanted to keep that moment. So I spent two seconds figuring out how my keyboard worked and where the file was on my computer.

So my sixth ever screenshot was me picking out my new flyer, Ebon Gryphon. I had 6g16s left and 43 soul shards in my bag.About that moment was when I decided that I never wanted to be that low on gold or to not have enough to buy what I wanted.

My sixth screenshot of 2009 was my favorite group running Halls of Stone for the Abuse the Ooze achievement.Oh and I have 39 soul shards in my bag. WTB bag space... still.


  1. It's really kind of silly that Blizz hasn't done anything about the soul shard situation yet >.> In my humble opinion anyways.

  2. Hey, did you hear, Ammo is going to be changed to be made into huge stacks and quivers are going to be removed!


    Poisons, removed! Why? They took up too much bag space!

    Not that I'm bitter or anything...