Thursday, February 12, 2009

Realm First

Sunwell Plateau
The leading raiding guild on my realm didn’t go further then Felmyst pre-Wrath. Well they decided to go back to see the content. With friends in that guild I got invited along. (Good to have healer friends.)

First off… I was nervous. I don’t know why. I shouldn’t have been. I knew these people and have run with them off and on for the last year or so. They invited me in. But this felt different because this was completely new content for all of us. It was not something that I had planned on doing so I have no idea what any of the bosses did, let alone what they LOOKED like.

Watching Kil’jaeden emerge out of the ground for the first time was completely fantastic.Right after Sunwell, I went to Black Temple and helped clear to Reliquary of Souls. We thought it was a good stopping point.

A few days later we headed back and cleared. OK. Truth. I logged in and they had wiped on Illidan a few times before I got there. Well … I missed the post about going back to BT. I was an hour "late". I was just logging in to go do the fishing contest and got ninja invited. We killed him on the first try I was there. I never did get to the contest. *sigh*A few days later I then went and did Molten Core. One of our main tanks leveled a hunter just so he could do the Ancient Petrified Leaf quest. Let’s say that I will be helping to clear the place again the statements out of his mic are not repeatable if I don't want scary google searches finding my blog.

Since we had a good group, we headed over to Blackwing Lair. We tried to get me attuned but we glitched the boss in Upper Blackrock Spire and had to hearth out since the gates didn’t open. So getting attuned for BWL is something I will have to do some other time.

I really thought we were going to wipe on the last boss. We were in the middle of explaining the fight when he was face pulled or started or whatever. All I knew was that half the raid died before Nefarian was to 80%. So it was messy but we got it done on one attempt.It is still fun to go back and run content people have never seen or have not seen in a really long time. Vent is filled with stories and good times. As the only lock in raid I have almost a full set of Nemesis Raiment. FANTASTIC more stuff to put into my bank.


  1. I know where you are coming from. I've been hosting an "Old World Raid Night" on Mondays for my guild since about a month after Wrath dropped. First night was SSC and a group of 15 cocky level 80s got spanked by Hydross the Unstable. A few tells and relogs later we were 25 strong and raiding with every former guildie we ever had. And we had a blast the whole time.

  2. Our guild does Retro Raid Night on fridays but as a 10 man guild it's harder to clear TBC content without pugging people. I never got to see Sunwell or the last half of Black Temple so that'd be fun.

    Grats on the achievements!