Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Request: Don’t Buff Me

Really don’t do it.
Just keep your mana to yourself.
No. No. I am okay without your buff right now. Thank you.
Cease with any buffage action.

If I am in raid that is fine. Buff me.
If I am running around Dalaran. Buff me.
If I am running around Storm Peaks. Buff me.
Or in Wintergrasp. Buff me.

But if you are watching me kill a training dummy in any of the major cities, please keep your buffs to yourself. I just might be testing my spell rotation, gear balance, mana efficiency, or just wasting some time.

I like to spend some time on training dummies to get an idea of my dps. This is typically self buffed. No food, flasks, elixirs, or group buffs. I click them all off. Group and raid makeup is too variable for me to reliably test with anything.

If I am not testing demons specifically I don’t even use my fel hunter. Fel Intelligence would change my dps. One spec may have Improved Felhunter and other doesn’t. If that is what I am testing then of course I test with the minion.

I had planned 12 different test. I was testing before and after some talent changes, some gear changes, enchant and gem changes, and practicing keeping dots up. Each test was about five to seven minutes long.

Good stuff was figured out.

There was a dps improvement of 120-145 from the changes I made.

Problem with the data?


Mark of Wild
Blessing of Kings
Divine Spirit
They all increase my spell power because they give me spirit.

When I checked the last three screen shots of DPS and the graphs IT WAS THERE. Glaringly mocking my data. Some “nice” priest threw up a Divine Spirit on me. Over twenty minutes wasted. Testing wasted. Stuff to redo. Numbers reworked. This is a game, not work. Ugg.

Please know that there are actually times NOT to buff. At the training dummy is one of them. I pre-thank you for doing nothing.


  1. im in ur trainin dummy

    buffin ur testin


  2. One word.


    If you were testing there then nevermind =)