Thursday, February 12, 2009

Hit cap is 17%

So I was going over my referral links to my blog. I noticed a warlock guild application linked to my site as a resource for warlock hit cap. I am totally cool with that. (*wave* Hello)

But then I SAW it. A glaring misinformation.

"Hit cap is 18%, blizzard already stated with 3.0 you can now overcome that last 1% to hit that you previously couldn't."


Stated here in the actual blue post on hit.
+3 levels: 83% if the target is a mob, 87% if the target is a player.
So to have 100% hit, as I have stated before, is 17%. I may just have enough readers that if I was completely off my rocker would set me straight.

Dida, I hope you fear them straight. Tell that Flakeadin person to actually read the blue posts before quoting them. Good luck!

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