Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Heroics, Naxx, and OS, Oh My!

I have been a bit slow in my updating you on my raiding progress. Honestly it is because I find the people in game as compelling as the game itself.

Well last year I finished all the Heroics. On December 21, 2008 to be exact. I didn’t realize that heroics were going to get nerfed. I thought they were hard and challenging. I thought it was a great thing. Apparently I was not in the majority.

I love this picture. Something about all the other dps being dead and just me and the healer alive makes me giggle.I was doing Heroic dungeons with three guilds at the time. Many offers to move to different pastures offered. All offers politely refused. Fun still had by all.

My gear from Heroics instances actually made me prouder then any gear I have ever achieved. I had the Superior achievement from running Heroics on December 11, 2008. A few pieces of reputation gear but all gear from the “hard” Heroic instances.

From there I stepped into Obsidian Sanctum and Vault of Archavon as PuGs. Well... really not PuGs. They were the same people I was instancing with who happened to be from other guilds. I did both 10 man and 25 man this way. They went well.

Naxxramas I saved for guild. I felt it was too much of a time commitment for me to learn with others. Two weeks ago the guild had its first clear of Naxx. I was not in it. I got a lot of fishing and cooking done which made me happy.

This last week was my turn.It was the first run where I actually did the safety dance! I was alive when we killed Heigan. I did get a singed robe a time or two. But over all I think I stayed out of the eruptions. Typically I got singed when I was heading out of the fourth zone. I would go too far in and didn’t get back to three fast enough.

Currently we are doing Plague, Military, and Arachnid quarters the first night. The second night is Construct quarter and Frostwyrm Lair. Even with half the raid never before finishing Sapphiron and Kal’Thuzad we had more then enough raid time left.

Guild finally jumped into the 25 man this last week too. We went to OS. It went smoothly. I was excited that it was our first DKP run in Wrath.One moment of "OMG WTF" almost did happen. I clicked on my imp's Fire Shield spell. Naltog started charging into Sartharion. I called him back in time... but he about gave me a heart attack. Thus why I normally don't have the boss ever targeted. Opps.

Most everyone had been there before and great loot was had by all. I almost won my T7.5 gloves. It was okay since one of our pally healers won them.I did win the best quote of the night reward. After the 25 man broke up, it was the glass eating team for The Eye of Eternity left. I had an issue with one of my tanks. So I told him very abruptly in a quite moment on vent.

"You are the whiniest tank I have ever run with. "

He is and if he didn't know before he does now.


  1. Ah, Malygos. Our first night in there learning went something like this:

    Phase 1: Easy mode!
    Phase 2: Hey cool, it's like Back to the Future with hoverboards!
    Phase 3: AH MAH GAHD I'M DEAD!

    try 2..

    Phase 3: AH MAH GAHD I'M DEAD!

    repeat for 2 hours.

  2. I PuGed Malygos for four hours the other day. We did 10-man and 25-man. Didn't get him down in that time. But did learn ...

    It doesn't matter how good your dps is, they cannot compensate for six tanks in a two tank fight. Nuff Said.