Friday, February 6, 2009

Catering Gone Wild

This just reaffirms that when you cater an event no one knows what it going on. The Convention at the Legerdemain daily cooking quest in Dalaran says to “provide 8 Northern Stew and a Jug of Wine” but they only really want four to complete the quest.Either way I am very glad they reduced it from 12 Northern Stew originally needed. I actually stopped doing this particular daily because the high cost of the mats to complete the quest. Not that I actually bought Chilled Meat, it was the in-stock and farming cost. I preferred to do only the quests that took a couple of chilled meat to complete. My stock lasted longer.

I also went and finished up my cooking. *Yeah for 450!*I maxed out cooking first with some Gigantic Feasts. I fished out the Deep Sea Monsterbelly and Rockfin Grouper out on the ice flows in Borean Tundra. I was annoyed with farming Chunk o' Mammoth. Thinking about it… I should have headed to Storm Peaks and not to Dragonblight. The mammoths are closer together. *shrug* Leaving all the carcasses around with no skinner got on my nerves.

I finished up my cooking with making Small Feasts. I put my fishing to use with Nettlefish in Sholazar Basin and the very yummy Glacial Salmon in Grizzly Hills. I did cheat and buy the Rhino Meat off the auction house. I only did this because it was 30% of the going price on my server. Any gold spent was easily made up in selling any extra fish I caught.
I am a little sad there are not recipes all over Northrend to go collect...I got over it quickly.


  1. Where do you get that damn difh feast from?

  2. You get the Fish Feast the same place you get all the Northrend "special" recipies.. from the cook inside the Hero's Tavern in Dalaran. You trade him 5 Dalaran Cooking Awards for it.