Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Tale of a Halo

I am going to punch SMACK someone in the face up side the head. I want IT for myself. Before Hydra could go to the Horde capital cities I went. I didn’t wait.

Thunder Bluff was my first target. In my 32nd season, I ran through the Barrens making a quick stop to snuff out the Crossroads flame. I went straight to Mulgore pausing briefly at Bloodhoof Village. I made it to the foot of the lift to Thunder Bluff.

Then I danced with a nice Horde druid. I dodged guards. I stealthed around vendors. I wisp explored where the fire was located. I stripped down to my pants to save some of my gear. Then had to abandon those since they we no longer helpful. I was naked in a city of Tauren.

I made it.

I snuffed out the flame and picked up the Flame of Thunder Bluff.

You asinine Hogger loving booger … (Cussing and item throwing was removed. You will have to just imagine the tantrum here. ~Hydra)
… and your dog too.

You have to be season 50 to be allowed to complete this task.

I WANTed a halo of my own. *glower*


After Iuncusia wore herself out… I finished my notes to Aurum about her banking and how the gems, primals, and enchanting materials were selling. With Season 4 well on its way, it is going quite well. We have a hitch with some of the gems. Overall I made gold.

I made a deal with Iuncusia.

Every single one would be desecrated. No Horde fire would be unvisited. They will all be snuffed out.

I ran around putting out Horde fires and honoring the Alliance fires. Not one flame was unvisited in Kalimdor, Eastern Kingdoms, or Outland.

I had my captured flame from last year. I didn’t need to spend blossoms to get mine. Maybe I will get the complete outfit from the festival. I have not decided yet.

Iuncusia was quite happy with the results.
Of all of Azeroth I find this as one of my favorite places. The atmosphere if fantastic. Any guesses of land and subregion?


  1. Looks like Ghostlands, but I can't place it specifically.

  2. ITs in Ghjostlands. Its by the area for the Horde warlocks to get their Big Blue void walker.

  3. Yeppers. The beautiful Goldenmist Village in Ghostlands.