Thursday, June 26, 2008

For Love. For Peace. For Honor...For Pony

That is my yell in battlegrounds. I have a lot of fun with it and will randomly yell it on both Horde and Alliance side. I chat with players who know the reference or I enlighten them.

Medallion of the Alliance (2 minute cooldown)

... or the Insignia of the Alliance. (5 minute cooldown)

That was the goal for last weekend. Not my goal, but my entire guilds goal. We have PvE players having to go PvP for a PvE purpose. Rage Winterchill does Ice Bolts and the trinket will help you not die. Not dieing in boss fights is a good thing.

We have the whole gambit of players.

  • Those that just needed a few hundred to get the medallion or insignia.
  • Others that have been playing for four years and have 22 honor.
  • Some that already had it.
  • Those (aka me) that had the 8,000 honor but to lazy to head over to Stormwind (it still smells) and buy it from Biggins.

So we put groups together and helped make it less painful for those that really didn’t want to be PvPing. One was one of our raid leaders, healy priest. THAT was funny stuff right there. I will grin at the memory of listening to my grumpy, cussing, and frustrated raid leader battling for survival and trying to keep people alive in the battleground.

Tips I gave.

1) Ignore BG chat. The cussing and epeening will happen and is not useful.

2) Don't ignore BG chat incase someone is actually giving useful information, like incoming.

3) Shift+m will help you know if back up is comming.

4) You’re going to die.

5) You are going to die alot.

Losing PvP is fun if it is done in style and class. We pushed the Horde. We were always moving and it was intense. Till the bitter end we would make the Horde work for every win. I jest. We won a lot more then we lost. But we always expected to lose, but played great games and if the win came it was a bonus.

I accumulated the most honor in one day, over three thousand. I really enjoyed playing with a goal of helping others. We also discussed tactics and were organized enough to try them out. I met some new players who are new to the guild. Everyone enjoyed themselves (less the raid leader) and had a relaxing PvP weekend in Arathi Basin.

My current PvP gear, all Rep PvP, S1, and raid drops, this puts me at 338 resilience. My PvP shadow damage is at 847 which is a far cry from my PvE spell damage of 1130 unbuffed (Fel Armor doesn’t count.) But I focused on timely use of my fear, banish, death coil, and instant Howl of Terror. So over all I felt I improved. I finally did get myself over to Stormwind and picked up my trinket.

... with all that said ... Hydra doesn't pee vee pee.

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  1. My favorite thing to do in PvP is start talking about cupakes.

    No one can be angry when cupcakes are being discussed.

    <3 For Pony.

    And... unfortunately, a lot of Alliance go into a BG expecting to lose, so they don't even try to win. Which means they lose. Which reinforces the 'Alliance will always lose at BG'. Which is a vicious cycle that feeds on itself. It's sad.