Thursday, July 24, 2008

San Diego Comic Con 2008

San Diego Convention Center is where I will be for the next few days. As always there are more people in the convention floor then I ever believe existed.

Acquiring our badges to get in was simple since we picked them up early. We headed out to eat prior to the convention floor opening. This gave us a chance to read up on the weekends activities. Highly recommend to wear really good shoes. Eight football fields worth of convention floor is not something to approach lightly.

I have already seen some fun stuff. … like a familiar demon.
Lady Vashj is looking well.
Friday is the World of Warcraft panel. I may be more about the card game then the online game. We shall see.


  1. great, now i have to explain to my wife why i need another WoW action figure.

  2. I am doing everything I can to NOT buy these figures... like pretending the pictures are enough. *twitches*