Sunday, July 13, 2008

Minion Abuse

Now that I have Demonic Sacrifice, I found random times to use it. My chest tightened a little seeing Sloodhon and Demora lying dead on the ground. I caused that. I mourned a little.

Then I got over it.

Need to hit the gong in ZA? Sacrifice a demon.

Waiting on a battleground to pop? Sacrifice a demon.

Standing in Shattrath City? Sacrifice a demon.

That blood elf looked at you funny? Sacrifice a demon.

Summon a demon.

Sacrifice a demon.

I suggest repeating for own amusement.


  1. I knows certain raid members what could use a bit of this, too. Too bad it don't work on them.

  2. You've taken your first step into a larger world ...

  3. hehehehe and i can tell you - it never gets old! next step is to target the corpse and do a /gloat