Monday, July 7, 2008

My PvP Reputation Proceeds Me

I was on vent discussing stuff with one of my 5v5 team. Talking about different gear, strategies, ways we can improve our play, and how much fun we have been having. She mentioned her friend…

[PvP partner] My housemate has been really enjoying the game lately. She has built a 29 twink. *with excited respect* She has joined up with this really intense dedicated twink guild. They spend hundreds of gold on just one enchant. They play hard.

[Me] What is the guild name? (I have seen many 29s floating around, I didn’t want to assume.)

[PvP partner] It is Farstriders something

[Me] Farstriders Elite?

[PvP partner] Yea! That is the one. They have been really helpful to her and it is amazing at how much they know. Freely helping out and making recommendations.

[Me] *uncontrolled laughter*

I informed her that I was an officer of said guild. Which lead her to get her housemate.

[PvP partner] Hey you know that girl’s voice you have been hearing coming out of my vent while I PvP, running Kara, and in the 25s, that is Aurum from FE.


I apologized to the housemate because I think I was terribly rude to her on FE Vent earlier that day. My curtness had no excuse but I was trying to get something done because my 5v5 team was calling me in. That was when she told me she was glad to have met me because everyone talked highly of me. *grin* It is funny how small a server can be.

She knew of me. I have “reputation”.

Then the three of us chatted about PvP. I realized this was a girl chat. The three of us were talking a mile a minute about PvP, gear, other players (mostly the guys on vent, yes I did call Jackyll a sweetheart. Shhh. Don’t tell him.). Asking and answering questions with ease. You know what I mean, right? Where you flow from one topic to another faster then the thought of any man listening.

I was so proud of what we had built in this twink guild of core friends. Because the excitement I heard on her voice told me that she was having fun. The respect I heard on my PvP partner made me proud. Over all I was impressed and reminded that this guild of mine is special.

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