Friday, July 11, 2008

PvP, I didn’t do it

More random SL/SL PvP things…

Soul Link is now on all the time. I now know you don’t want it to go away. Soul Link should be active when your minion is out. Being me, when I activated it I tried to remove it. You cannot click off the buff or smash the button to make it go away. Is this something that Arcane shot removes? I am not entirely sure.

I am a self buff counter. Not including consumables, I use to have only three, Fel Armor, Detect Invisibility, and Underwater Breathing. I now have extra buffs. I have to say they confuse me by just being there, Demonic Knowledge, Master Demonologist, and Soul Link. I am not use to seeing them displayed on me. With the new buffs it is a total of six. I am getting use to them.

I have been using the addon Proximo. It is primarily for arenas. I am going to try it out in battlegrounds. I would like to get use to using it. See if it helps me put up my dots faster. Even just being more enemy aware. Make 5v5s feel less chaotic. I want it to be something I naturally use in a glance.

When I am in damage mode, I run around putting up my dots. Which is still the case… but I need to stop and drain life more. This is actually completely different then how I normally play. Only time I ever stand still while fighting is in AV when I am just trying to do massive damage with seed. So I am working on moving less and draining more.

With no instant Howl of Terror I need to learn to STOP running up into the middle of Horde. I did this all the time. HoT and DoT everyone while running. A partner would try for the flag while I worked on kiting the Horde away from the flag. It doesn’t work very well now with a cast time that can be pushed back.

I did find Dreamspirit. I am going through the videos. She did a commentary video and then another. I found them helpful.


  1. Proximo won't work in battlegrounds, it's only for arenas - but it's damn useful there.

    Don't use Drain Life for DPS - it has horrible damage, use Shadowbolts or Searing Pain. DL is used when you're getting smashed by melee (70% pushback resistance if you're going with my proposed talents), or if you need to recover some health after Life Tap. You can also use it just before your target goes out of line of sight - you probably know it still drains.

    Trash buffs like UB and DI should be on you all the time so you get to keep Fel Armor as long as possible. Soul Link can't be dispelled.

    One thing most warlocks don't do - as much as it sounds weird since everyone hates it - spam fears. Unless you're completely locked down or otherwise unable to, one target should always be Feared.

  2. A great way to clear a flag in AV is cast 2 Seeds, it should kill the guards and allow flag capture.