Monday, March 16, 2009

She is the Hottie

I am out to lunch with a girlfriend. Her daughter calls, Kory. Complete squealing ensues because I am with her mom. The three of us are now to meet for a movie.

I get a special request. Kory wants me to tell her more about Warcraft. (We have had brief discussions before.)


Why would my girlfriend's 20-year-old daughter ask me that? Apparently she went on a third date with a guy who plays. She had some of the terms but didn’t know specifics.

After the movie she started asking me questions about the game. What is This. What is That. How do you Win? I answer in ways to try and unconfuse her.

She shows me a picture of Mr. Warcraft Guy. I start to laugh uncontrollably. I had to reassure her that he was good looking. Well as cute as I could tell from a little phone picture.

What made me laugh so hard?

I knew he was Horde from what she said already. She didn’t know his class. Behind him was a Lil’ Richard Plushie from Looking for Group. In that moment I new he must be a fellow lock.

She asked if that was bad. Bad? Well we will see. Then started the texting conversation with Kory in the middle. It was a riot. I liked his answers. I could tell she liked him.

Some time passed. I asked Kory how things were going with Mr. Warcraft Guy.

What is her first problem?

He stays up until 2 AM on Warcraft. He doesn’t wake up until noon.

I warned her about that risk. But I also told her that he is then not out spending money or getting in trouble. And then she tells me "True and I also know I am the hottie in the relationship."

Whatever works.


  1. She's the hottie, he's the DoTtie. Har har.

  2. FTH. That's awesome. I like to think all the friends I've invited came to WoW because I'm bitchin' sweet.

    Also, totally got a Richard plush and met the creators at the last convention here. :D

  3. LOL! Great story.

    ... I want a Richard plushie ...